About Us

The VivaHome Story is about an amalgamation of ideas, of people and of cultures.

Viva stands for joy, fun, travel and a zest for life and exploring the world beyond our boundaries, while Home represents our centre, a base, a spiritual place to nest and rest. VivaHome is about joining these two ideas into one and creating beautiful and unique products for your nest that captures the Viva spirit!

Our founders are an amalgamation too!

Tiffany, a Barrister from Paris, decided to take a break from the world of law to travel the world. She learned to speak English working in a hostel in Perth (oh dear! :-)), she has a love for sailing (never mind the seasickness) and developed a passion for creating unique art and interior design. Now established in sunny Mount Maunganui, NZ, VivaHome is the culmination of many years of experiences and passion!

Phil, an engineer from Russell, also travelled the world extensively and through these experiences developed a sense of entrepreneurship that runs very strong within the family. VivaHome is an expression of these experiences, and while he may not be the artist, Tiff's talent helps to express some of these experiences to share with others. (Some more wholesome than others - see Shepherds Bush Walkabout Poster ;-)

At VivaHome we know and share the feeling that a free bird must always fly, but there is also nothing like returning to your nest to rest, reflect and refresh!

Tiff and Phil,